【PDF】Hands-On Kubernetes on Windows

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Hands-On Kubernetes on Windows:Effectively orchestrate Windows container workloads using Kubernetes



1、Section 1: Creating and Working with Containers

2、Creating Containers

3、Managing State in Containers

4、Working with Container Images

5、Section 2: Understanding Kubernetes Fundamentals

6、Kubernetes Concepts and Windows Support

7、Kubernetes Networking

8、Interacting with Kubernetes Clusters

9、Section 3: Creating Windows Kubernetes Clusters

10、Deploying a Hybrid On-Premises Kubernetes Cluster

11、Deploying a Hybrid Azure Kubernetes Service Engine Cluster

12、Section 4: Orchestrating Windows Containers Using Kubernetes

13、Deploying Your First Application

14、Deploying Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and a ASP.NET MVC Application

15、Configuring Applications to Use Kubernetes Features

16、Development Workflow with Kubernetes

17、Securing Kubernetes Clusters and Applications

18、Monitoring Kubernetes Applications Using Prometheus

19、Disaster Recovery

20、Production Considerations for Running Kubernetes


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