【PDF】Active Directory Administration Cookbook 2nd Edition

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Chapter 1: Optimizing Forests, Domains, and Trusts

Chapter 2: Managing Domain Controllers

Chapter 3: Managing Active Directory Roles and Features

Chapter 4: Managing Containers and Organizational Units

Chapter 5: Managing Active Directory Sites and Troubleshooting Replication

Chapter 6: Managing Active Directory Users

Chapter 7: Managing Active Directory Groups

Chapter 8: Managing Active Directory Computers

Chapter 9: Managing DNS

Chapter 10: Getting the Most Out of Group Policy

Chapter 11: Securing Active Directory

Chapter 12: Managing Certificates

Chapter 13: Managing Federation

Chapter 14: Handling Authentication in a Hybrid World (AD FS, PHS, PTA, and DSSO)

Chapter 15: Handling Synchronization in a Hybrid World (Azure AD Connect)

Chapter 16: Hardening Azure AD

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