【PDF】Docker on Windows 2nd Edition

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1、Section 1: Understanding Docker and Windows Containers

2、Getting Started with Docker on Windows

3、Packaging and Running Applications as Docker Containers

4、Developing Dockerized .NET Framework and .NET Core Applications

5、Sharing Images with Docker Registries

6、Section 2: Designing and Building Containerized Solutions

7、Adopting Container-First Solution Design

8、Organizing Distributed Solutions with Docker Compose

9、Orchestrating Distributed Solutions with Docker Swarm

10、Section 3: Preparing for Docker in Production

11、Administering and Monitoring Dockerized Solutions

12、Understanding the Security Risks and Benefits of Docker

13、Powering a Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Docker

14、Section 4: Getting Started on Your Container Journey

15、Debugging and Instrumenting Application Containers

16、Containerize What You Know – Guidance for Implementing Docker

17、Other Books You May Enjoy